51 days to go! Experience Warsaw at 5150 Warsaw Triathlon.

51 days to go to the premiere 5150 Warsaw Triathlon, which takes place on June 12th. If you are still planning your event calendar, Poland's capital city has some strong cards in hands. So why should you consider racing in 5150 Warsaw?

- Warsaw is a spectacular location to race in. 5150 Warsaw Triathlon gives you a rare opportunity to bike and run in the heart of the big metropolis, finishing just a stone's throw from the magnificent Old Town – explains Piotr Jakóbik, Marketing Director at Sport Evolution. - You can really feel the taste of Warsaw on the running course leading through some of the most important sightseeing spots, including Pilsudski Square, Karowa Street and Presidential Palace – he adds.

5150 Warsaw belongs to the global 5150 Triathlon Series, owned by the World Triathlon Corporation. The race is organized on the olympic distance (1,5 – 40 – 10 km), but drafting is not allowed. Registration is still open on www.5150warsaw.com and the entry fee is now 100 EUR. There are already over 1.000 registered athletes.

Fantastic race course, affordable entry fee, convenient flight connections and a very decent accommodation options in the city of Warsaw. What else do you need?

- Fall in love with Warsaw and its great restaurants, museums and nightlife offer. Make it a whole weekend experience crowned with a superb 5150 Warsaw Triathlon, finishing in the heart of the city, which is home to the biggest triathlon community in Poland – invites Jakóbik.


  • Olympic Centre - a modern building being home to the Polish National Olympic Committee and the Museum of Sports and Tourism. It is located at the bike course.
  • Pałac Krasińskich - a baroque palace from 17th century. Also located at the bike course.
  • Grand Theater - a monumental building on the Theater Square which is also home to the National Opera. This is where the T2 zone and the finish line will be located!
  • Karowa Street - one of the most outstanding and well-known streets in Warsaw.
  • Pilsudskiego Square and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - one of the most important spots in Warsaw, where numerous national ceremonies take place. Located at the run course.
  • Krakowskie Przedmieście - the main representative street of the city, part of the Royal Route and the run course of 5150 Warsaw Triathlon. Get a coffee or visit one of the fancy restaurants there.
  • University of Warsaw - one of the most prestigious and the biggest university in Poland. You will run just by the main gate of the campus.
  • Monument of Copernicus - who doesn't know him? The athletes will pass it by 4 times!


  • The Old Town Square and the Castle Square - the most iconic historic spots in Warsaw. Being listed by the UNESCO, the city's Old Town is absolutely unique and offers calm atmosphere.
  • Łazienki Królewskie - the best known royal park in Poland, famous for its Palace on the Water and the unique monument of Frederic Chopin.
  • National Stadium - one of the EURO 2012 arenas, currently home to the Polish football national team and host to numerous events and concerts.
  • Palace in Wilanów - a baroque royal palace built in the 17th century, famous for its fabulous gardens.
  • Museums, restaurants, clubs and shopping malls - Warsaw is modern metropolis with broad offer of museums, clubs, fancy restaurants with local and international cuisine. Take a while to learn more about the city's history and its day-to-day life.

More information on www.5150warsaw.com.