European Athletics: Lodz is the perfect choice for your first marathon

If your New Year's resolution is "to run a marathon", it seems Lodz could be a good destination for you. At least European Athletics thinks so...

"A new year often brings with it the chance to set goals for the next twelve months. New Year’s resolutions often involve more exercise, a better diet or just a fresh outlook on life.

For the running community, New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around a new challenge. In 2016 many runners will decide they want to run more kilometres than ever before or to improve their personal bests. Others will just vow to enjoy their running more. But for lots of people, when the calendar ticks over into a new year, a marathon will be the first thing that springs to mind.

If you do decide 2016 is the year you’re going to run those 42.195 kilometres, why not enter the DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU on 17 April. Lodz is the third largest city in Poland and the race caters for every level of marathon running. [...]"


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