Interview with Michał Drelich, director of DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU


Michał Drelich, Director of DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU, talks about the changes, plans and surprises for the participants of DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU 2016.


This is going to be the sixth edition of DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU. What changes can the runners expect?

First of all, we are already able to present the full participant kit, even before the registrations starts. Runners can check it on our website and this is obviously the richest starting kit in the history of the event. Furthermore, you can find us at the Expo during the most important Polish marathons in Autumn - in Wrocław, Poznań and Warszawa. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and reveal some surprises.

Are the entry fees going to be raised?

We are raising the quality of services, but not prices. Moreover, runners who will register early, can expect some additional benefits. All the information will be provided on our official website. The registration starts on September 21st.

Should we expect any changes to the event program?

During the race weekend, no important changes should be made. Yet, we have planned some new activities in the period of preparations for the marathon. Most importantly, we are developing the DOZ Team project and launching regular trainings in several new cities.

Which ones?

We will announce it by the end of September. I can only say that we focus on those runners who already took part in our marathon but couldn't attend DOZ Team's trainings because it was too far for them to come.

DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU has been awarded another international certificate. What can you say about that?

In 2013, we were the first event in Poland to become IAAF Bronze Label Road Race. One year later, we joined the elite group of Silver Label events. Now, DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU has been awarded the European Athletics' Five Star Quality Road Race certificate. Of course, it's a huge honor for us, but also additional motivation to get even better.

What about the course? Do you plan any changes?

We are still working it out. Everyone knows how Lodz has changed in the recent years. The renovated Piotrkowska Street looks fantastic, the city center has been renovated, more and more buildings are refreshed. We are doing our best to prepare the course which will be both fast and attractive for runners and fans.

Can you already reveal any details?

I can only say that the finish area will be located in the Atlas Arena, as always. This is one of the best things in the race and finishing there is an unforgettable feeling.

Oh yes. Probably, runners would never forgive you if you changed the finish location.

(laugh) We're not even trying!

The event will have two title sponsors again - DOZ and PZU. What are the benefits of this cooperation?

There would be no marathon in Lodz without sponsors. You know, revenues from the entry fees account for only a small percentage of the event's budget. And the value of the participant kit is in fact thrice as high as its price. So the sponsors are really important for us. However, it is not only about the financial support. For instance, athletes and their families can always take part in some activities at the family picnic in Atlas Arena. This is our sponsors who organize it. So all the awards for DOZ Marathon Lodz with PZU are also the awards for DOZ and PZU.